• "This is a paradigm shift." -Joan Chalkely
  • "I could give Nordstrom-style service." -Joel Myerson
  • "Staying ahead of the curve." -Katrice McCullough
  • "SPL is a marvelous tool." -Randy Townsend
  • "I got an opening to what was missing." -Dauwn Parker
  • "It went beyond me and my expectations!" -Yvonne Chacon
  • "SPL changed the way I think" -Sharon Bell
  • "SPL was like an epiphany" -Marc Soester
  • "SPL is the best program I attended in 20 years career." -R. Jayaprakash
  • "Excellent way to enhance the growth path." -Bane Hunter
Who Are We?
We help organizations achieve sustainable profitable growth by improving operational efficiency and aligning their projects with business.
The SPL Group is dedicated to help team members and managers develop business-related project leadership skills.
How do We Do It?
We take Project Management to the next level using an Integrated, PMI Award-Winning, Research-Based, and Industry-Proven Strategic approach.
As a "One Stop Solution" we engage highly experienced executives to deliver advanced workshops using business-focused project planning and execution tools.

What is Strategic Project Leadership®?
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